Thanks to Sir Fazle Abed of BRAC .. bkash (largest cashless bank) 1 .. and largest partnership NGO In the world: Bangladesh celebrates one of girls and sustainability world's top 3 job creators - and so the benchmark s Asian and (fintech worldwide) model of economics designed to include the lives of the world's 40% poorest (versus non-sustainable macroeconomics of globalization designed around the media etc of the 10 richest) ….
other partnerships - with berkeley us's first research of bangladeshi-american diaspora ….
books on brac - freedom from want (smiley 2009) driving development (2016): - downloadable papers 1
Best news we free scots have ever heard -48 hours just changed April 2018 is sir fazle abed's 82nd birthday and 1000 days to 2021 - the year china ends poverty, the last decade the UN values human sustainability as possible and how can your will peoples you trust celebrate 2021? China.Japan. Korea. Asean. India. Arctic. Africa. America..1 2 3 4 5 If you can celebrate millennials linking together these 5 Bangladesh-born alumni networks, anything can be possible including economists celebrating how to end poverty,, here are some alumni testimonies brac2.ppt of BRAC @ Bangla - to add rsvp
Sir Fazle: NB how Industrial era demanded women manage poverty so why not development?curricula of little sister networks: POP, Rice, Nursing, W4E- mobile leapfrogging, open elarning of curricula 7th grade first need to empower livelihoods and sustain community.. people of aliBRACAtlanta Nov 2015 will be our 8th year of linking volunteers around this search for Muhammad Yunus- will we make it ? Dunno - we could sure do with some help from educators who want their students to action yunus type dreams and be in the middle of serving post 2015 millennium goals washington DC 240 316 8157 - you can help us search for millennials job impact networks by hemisphere - eg here's our asia pacific progress - where over half of all millennials live

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

bangladesh is the world's number 1 economic model (0.0 pre-electricity leap 2.1 mobile digotal) for girls developing one of ten largest nations in populations, starting with almost nothing in 1971.Their families can be argued to be the biggest victim of British Colonisation - being colonised by britain then by Pakistan- the unatural conflict situations Bangladesh is surrounded by offers peaceful testomony to women nowhere else opn the planet begins to emulate from the bottom up . Todays borders prevent its peoples from celebrating the value its coastline could have if banking and belt road mapping is to be aligned with sustaining human race. In May 2018 the 20% partnership of jack ma and brac's biggest yet innovation bkash is gamechanger for bangladesh, China's relationship with south asia and every culture determined to celebrate girls livelihoods as much as boys.
country summary norman macrae foundation commons property right asserted DHAKA 31 May 2018

this logic is consisntent with my fathers life work as an exponetntials investigatoive journalist at the post-war Economist and from moon landing onwards being first journalist to search what would 1000 times more commns tech exponentially result in - especially the multipliers of hi-tech futures from 1968 and east rising futures since 1962 - if anyone wants to tell stories of hiuman possibilities anchored by thois valuation belief please do

surely english speaking people need an alternative ideolgy than trump (war mongers and big men rule the wporld)- i believe my fathers friends apply logic entirely consiustent that the one queen victoria commissioned from the first 2 editors of the economist in turning English Constution from trade of slave-making empire to commonwealth- if you wish to question this with brett wilson several time great grandson of founder of the economist and resident of thailand-- lets do that

as keynes predicted in the laat chapter of the general theory of employment interest and money, we live in an age where economic wars are as deadly as physical wars - the same was conformed by adam smith scholars glasgow (2 remembrace parties macrea, japan emnassy in dhaka 2 remembrance partes macrae) mediated by zasheem who spent 4 years examining bangladesh circuloated in over 20000 print run of journal of social businees with new compendium edition released soon by zasheem and glasgow university with potentilal co-sponsors including qatar foundation and gordon brown

if you base valuation ideology is different but nearer normans than trumps tell us what it is

"Small Is Beautiful" Quotes | Schumacher Center For New Economics
Jump to Two Million Villages - Before we can talk about giving aid, we must have something to give. We do not have thousands of poverty-stricken villages ...

Schumacher on Gandhi – by Surur Hoda | The Gandhi Foundation–-by-surur-hoda/
May 21, 2007 - 'If the villages perish India will perish' he had said. ... The most disturbing aspect of most developing countries, Schumacher thought was the fact that millions .... He lived in poverty by choice most of his life in line with his motto.

Small is Beautiful - DiText
E. F. Schumacher, Small is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered, 1973. ...... is the stark fact that world poverty is primarily a problem of two million villages, ...

The heart of the matter, as I see it, is the stark fact that world poverty is ...
E. F. Schumacher quote: The heart of the matter, as I see it, is the stark fact that world poverty is primarily a problem of two million villages, and thus a problem of ...

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