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Friday, July 20, 2018

bottom-up development -20th c greatest innovations

Starting in 1972 around the friends and family of Sir Fazle Abed, Bangladesh's innovation of bottom up disaster relief and development has led to many of huamanity's greatest innovations- ones that give our species hope of sustainability (a 2020s race that makes 1960s space race look like very small beer)

Astronaut Ron Garan poses massive collaboration challenge ( more )
As world war 2 ended more than half the world's nations were still colonies - most of whose people were in miserable undeveloped states (next to no infrastructure, electricity grids and other continent-wide Roads to market had bypassed them as the rich developed nations extracted more and more). The least fortunate of peoples were girls in landlocked states partitioned by the strange maps of the colonisers that had set up neighbors cultures around opposing deities)

With independence, top down aid from rich nations (see the tragedy of the G7) became the norm but spiralling costly and low-trust system designs opposite to those adam smith had first wrote about trust as the cornerstone of markets in 1758 and which freed america's own happy independence in 1776

For more on the how top down aid lost touch with human development reality - see eg a younger jim kim's own attempt to argue that 50 years of world bank aid was enough until he understood that the world bak could do beter if it transformed around bottom-up empowerment approaches

(further references to jim kim- interestingly kim says diffenet nations listen to him on diferent topics- he's glad that china has chosen to use his knowledge on health and in exploring collaboration cities)

top down aid was passed  from foreign government to the new nations's government trickling down to reach some of the peopels need for develoment but often not the poorest. It was designed charities needing endless fund raising instead of models that sustained community's development model. The aid indutry created exterts who visited places and designed projects but didnt go and live with the epopels and pass on their skills

You can make a verly detailed list of aid spins a system of dependencies opposite dto the entrepreneurial freedoms and happiness that usa iteslf celebrated at its own independence

Bottom-up developement empowered gorls as community buildres - the ones whose familioes depended on building vilafes iut of nothing (no electictity, no modern communications, typically few transport routes beond muddy paths and pedal powered  transport like riockshaws.

Through all of this bangladesh became trusted space of long term partners- vilages became labs for the most exciting human developments - building health servoces served by vlage mothers, livelihod education for all, and when new technolgies such as mobile and solar came to the vikage -

extraordinary innovations like cashless banking- the only way the 2 billion poorest and unbanked are likely to buold finacial services

It is really its not clear whether jack ma himself would ever have understood big data small finance in time to win with alipay as china navigate 2008's extraordinary year of change - out of the clutches of a world financial crisis and into fintech that china could ensure never got trapped by big bad banking

formore on vakuing sustainability's greatest innovations see otr join us in  Dhaka (information ) October 1-7, 2018 at the first week long dialogue between the girl empowerment netwrkers of brac/bangladesh and the friends of tech's greatest wizard for sustainability goals jack ma

We have tracked why universities in the west have failed at every opportunity to offer this starting with a meeting at Paris HEC between Muhamamd Yunus and his 3 greatest French fans-frabck riboud ceo of danne
hiw younger directior whose first graduate job was with mother theresa
a hec professor whose first job was in a latin american microcredit where some of her poor clients died byt thanked her for developing a chnace for their children

about 50 of the world's most powerful people joined france's call to develop the greatest partnerships in understanding girls networks sustainability solutions but the yunus' bank was repossesed by government and instead of open sourcing all his knowledge he became a highly paid public speaker not the greatest educator of the sustainability generation- this role is now inherited by jack ma- may all the spirits bless him- may his youngest alumni map back Industrial Revolution 4 in time to green every community risisng round girl power

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