macrae family arranged 15 student journalists trip ro bangladesh between xmas 2007 and 2018- our notes were shared with 7 states staging social business competitions in usa, economist editors, adam smith scholars and glasgow u journals - our first visit was to the extraordinary dr yunus so we have logged up notes we have verified in a special section corresponding to 2008 in this blog- we discussed yunus knowhow with 2000 mainly students we gave his book to-- however over our 13 years of visits we became ever more interested in the networks of sir fazle abed which after 50 years of relentless empowerment were at his time of death the world's largest ngo partnership and around which he spent his last 10 years asking his friends to make his legacy the largest open university coalition (30 and counting as of summer 2020) of poverty
Thanks to Sir Fazle Abed of BRAC .. bkash (largest cashless bank) 1 .. and largest partnership NGO In the world: Bangladesh celebrates one of girls and sustainability world's top 3 job creators -BRUN
SIR FAZLE ABED BA University Glasgow Naval Architect; 2014 – Honorary Doctor of Laws, Princeton University, US .. 2012 – Doctor of Laws honori causa, University of Manchester, UK … 2010– Honorary degree of Doctor of Laws, University of Bath, UK ...2009 – Honorary Doctorate of Letters, University of Oxford, UK ...2009 – Honorary Doctorate in Humane letters, Rikkyo University, Japan...2008 – Honorary Doctorate of Laws, Columbia University, US...2007 – Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters, Yale University, US...2003 – Honorary Doctorate of Education, University of Manchester, UK...1994 – Honorary Doctorate of Laws, Queen's University, Canadaother partnerships - with berkeley us's first research of bangladeshi-american diaspora ….
books on brac - freedom from want (smiley 2009) driving development (2016): - downloadable papers 1
Oral Rehydration (Health) Crafts theatre university Best news we free scots have ever heard -48 hours just changed April 2018 is sir fazle abed's 82nd birthday and 1000 days to 2021 - the year china ends poverty, the last decade the UN values human sustainability as possible and how can your will peoples you trust celebrate 2021? China.Japan. Korea. Asean. India. Arctic. Africa. America..1 2 3 4 5 If you can celebrate millennials linking together these 5 Bangladesh-born alumni networks, anything can be possible including economists celebrating how to end poverty,, here are some alumni testimonies brac2.ppt of BRAC @ Bangla - to add rsvp
Sir Fazle: NB how Industrial era demanded women manage poverty so why not development?curricula of little sister networks: POP, Rice, Nursing, W4E- mobile leapfrogging, open elarning of curricula 7th grade first need to empower livelihoods and sustain community.. people of aliBRACAtlanta Nov 2015 will be our 8th year of linking volunteers around this search for Muhammad Yunus- will we make it ? Dunno - we could sure do with some help from educators who want their students to action yunus type dreams and be in the middle of serving post 2015 millennium goals washington DC 240 316 8157 - you can help us search for millennials job impact networks by hemisphere - eg here's our asia pacific progress - where over half of all millennials live

Thursday, April 12, 2018

i will start with asking ed resor to phone you - ed coordinates open learning contents Module Search - OER2Go - The Web Unplugged  - it would be great imo to see arctic content there
From everything I can see there are huge win-wins with your goals and various chinese elearning platforms, AI teachers assistants, big data for youth analysis and community-deep research areas - ultimately tsinghua university and jack ma are the most connected epiecentres but i think 2 people who are semi-dc based can help arrange contacts and/or clarify if my optimisim is correct
cheng li at brookings - i will see if he will let me book a meeting
mary young who usually lets me book a meeting when she is in dc - but who is in beijing to memorial day- I will see if she heels able to take Q&A online
From my experience of the tufts summit that max has several years of arranging there are many youth who want to connect elearning platforms - maybe max can clarify what is best way to help them linkin
When it comes specicfcally to polar-nature knowledge i will write a leter to cousteau to see if he knows how to access my friend paul rose who is bbc ocean and polar explorer and in middle of uk people which go up to prince charles as well as across britiish council climate champions etc
At I try to maintain diary of leadership summits which impact all the things we talked about - much is converging theough 2 summits whose main contents are being chose by UN emiinent committee which includes Norway's Solberg

1 at united nations general aasssembly sept 2018 where guterres has asked best elearning for refugees and other excluded youth 
2 macron paris march 2019 which i assume will have a lot on climate - also my daugther is an undergraduate in education and french so i have personal motovation to maximise french networks over next 12 months
Additionally Canada's Trudeau and Jack Ma are extremely close as can be seen at how they hosted 3000 people training at toronto recently Gateway '17
Fathers last 2 projects sponsored over 20 visists by youth journalists to china and bangladesh
Some chinese students at columbia and oxford have been asked to help reposition bangladesh's girl empowerment networks round BIllion Girls Boys Alumni - ie the billion youth who most need community livelihood education because their communities face the most extreme sustainability challenges - this is where my frends in Bangladesh  brac. - a guide to collaboration's best for the world organisations are already responsible for up to 150 million village alumni mainly female
My understanding is that education (his reponsibility for half a billion under 30s livelihoods) is one of 4 things xi jinping always discusses when he convenes leadership summits even if this doesnt show up so much in recently published polar belt road- i am expecting may 2019 beijing summit  Belt Road 2 to connect the 100 national and rghional leaders who can invest most in sustaining youth
If i can be of help clarifying anything very happy to try ( I do not claim to understand all the politics going on round DC  - any optimism errors are mine alone)
chris macrae text 240 316 8157
I attach a one-pager of city by city notes in a different type of format; i will be developing this with more acrive links - if you wish to see this please say

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