Thanks to Sir Fazle Abed of BRAC .. bkash (largest cashless bank) 1 .. and largest partnership NGO In the world: Bangladesh celebrates one of girls and sustainability world's top 3 job creators - and so the benchmark s Asian and (fintech worldwide) model of economics designed to include the lives of the world's 40% poorest (versus non-sustainable macroeconomics of globalization designed around the media etc of the 10 richest) ….
other partnerships - with berkeley us's first research of bangladeshi-american diaspora ….
books on brac - freedom from want (smiley 2009) driving development (2016): - downloadable papers 1
Best news we free scots have ever heard -48 hours just changed April 2018 is sir fazle abed's 82nd birthday and 1000 days to 2021 - the year china ends poverty, the last decade the UN values human sustainability as possible and how can your will peoples you trust celebrate 2021? China.Japan. Korea. Asean. India. Arctic. Africa. America..1 2 3 4 5 If you can celebrate millennials linking together these 5 Bangladesh-born alumni networks, anything can be possible including economists celebrating how to end poverty,, here are some alumni testimonies brac2.ppt of BRAC @ Bangla - to add rsvp
Sir Fazle: NB how Industrial era demanded women manage poverty so why not development?curricula of little sister networks: POP, Rice, Nursing, W4E- mobile leapfrogging, open elarning of curricula 7th grade first need to empower livelihoods and sustain community.. people of aliBRACAtlanta Nov 2015 will be our 8th year of linking volunteers around this search for Muhammad Yunus- will we make it ? Dunno - we could sure do with some help from educators who want their students to action yunus type dreams and be in the middle of serving post 2015 millennium goals washington DC 240 316 8157 - you can help us search for millennials job impact networks by hemisphere - eg here's our asia pacific progress - where over half of all millennials live

Friday, December 31, 2004

people of alibrac

Alipay the world's pioneer mobile cash system out of China and sister company of alibaba took 20% shareholding of bkash april 2018, bkash being developed with BRAC (the world's largest cashless bank)
family negotions on ownership were led by shameran abed on brac's side - commercial sides by the quadirs

Alipay is a third-party mobile and online payment platform, established in Hangzhou, China in February 2004 by Alibaba Group and its founder Jack Ma. Wikipedia

CEO of Ant FInancial
Eric jing  26 april 2018 Ant Financial CEO

we are extremely happy to have strategic partnership with bkash (BRAC Bangladesh)
ant’s financial vision to ring more equal opportunities for everyone involved
we have a shared vision with bkash as partner to work together to bring more
things to the people here in Bangladesh
over the last 14 years we have developed relevant technologies to provide financial inclusion example risk management financial cloud ai, digital payments last year we processes about 250 thousand mobile transaction per second- that’s a huge number

brac was founded by sir fazle abed in 1972; 
bkash was founded in 2010 by brac and the quadir brothers - out of bangladesh by kamal quadir , with coordination from iqbal quadir mit/legatum/finance in motion (with nick hughes project leader of mpesa Kenya)

later in tanzania brac was invoilved in gates foundation bot in brac tanzania and bates building of mpesa tanzania; gates foundation and others took some shares in bkash

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