Thursday, December 31, 1970

can you help us clarify (what schumacher imagined as)  the greatest economic miracle by cataloguing  microfrancises and value chains designed round billion poorest village women across asia; thats the eighth of the human population who raced over last half centiry to end extreme poverty caused by historical lack off access to the machine age that had started glasgow 1760 and moatly been distributed soley where white empires gained from it;  - we start with list from fazle abed (brac) Bangladesh 1972 to 2019 - some dates are approximate - a date before 1996 means all instruction and people networking was done by word of mouth or by print where literacy existed; vilagers had no access to electricity grids etc; by a microfranchsies we mean a vilage busienss with positve cash flow however small but 1) so as to minimise risk to franchisee as long as she worked consistently as franchised and where the purpose was for most or all of the value to stay with the local producer; abed was quite happy to design franchsies and once proven hand them over to government (because bangaldesh began 90% rural the government initially had barely enough to serve citiznens and national defences; later its taxation revenue could take over a microfranchsie which depended partly on grants; abed was always careful not to compete with government but the priority was optmising microfranchsie design 

after 1995 some partners broutgh silar and mobile; also abed started a university - he had been asked to share his solutionss worldwide and a universioty would enable millennails to maximally co-create new solutions in line with teh abed economc model as well as dircetly action learn - we welcome corections -errors are sollely mine - to start with 2 notesprobaly abed's bigegst mistake (which he enetreperenurially turned into a miracle) was spending his life savings on rebiulding 15000 vilage hoems that had ben flatened by way; while sponsor oxfam ranked this as most effective relief project aned was mortifies; tens of vailega mothers were dying weekly of stavration; scores of infants of dairreha; he urgently had to design bsuiensses solutions solving these local needsMbr> onmce brac needed a central hub. one of ist first operational services was a printing press
2 feed3 health serve1 finance4 education 5) 100K person COLLAB platforms2020s next

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