Monday, February 28, 2022

CHANGING EDUCATION -easy if you start in the right mind space

 In the new nation of Bangladesh the majority of the education system 0 to 17 was designed by for and with village mothers. It was a relentless intergenerational endeavour -once communities across this rural nation  had figured out 6 to 17 they celebrated new millennium by starting redesigning universities which needed village leapfrog models as well as celebrating last mile health innovations (world class one partnerd with Unicef James Grant whose school of public health is a crownj jewel of Brac U)

- all of this may sound controversial to nations with hundred year old education systems - so lets just start with the common sense of playschools the way bangladesh's most loving mothers chose to design things - then we can debate if they got anything suboptimal for  your nation's most urgent needs 

Welcome to 2020s decade of everyone is both student and teachers (this view was first explored by 1950s alumni of von neumann journalists question ask leaders what they are going to do with 100 times  more tech every decade); by the early 1980s some of these journalists wrote a book  on why education transformation would determine human sustainability as every kind of S in ESG encountered digital -with education needing to  empower everyone curiosity

TeachFor: UN   SDGs   AI - strangely the nobel proze's neglection of education was not rectified to 2010s- there are now at least 4 world class annual gatherings celebrating worldwide teachers collaborations - its eyeopening to see how each was partly imspired by Bangaldesg and Fazle Abed - and has become the strongest of 2020s connectors of his legacy as the woorld's largest civil society partnership - which youth as sustainability generation need to change mindsets faster than government or corporate world can around such compasses as climate, borderless love of refugees, humanising AI -with such priorities as AI Pandemic - see Call for AI Hall of Fame 



Young kids teach elders love- from 3 up they are perfectly able to do this in group settings - so what do Teachers at play school need to know how to practice -more at direct from alumni of the world's first playschool MA of the SDG generation -see also tag 4.5

-a loving safe space for every being

How to be literate before leaving play school (in their sixes for kindergarten and up) 

(this only takes one term  (eg playschools next leavers) and can be group led by those kids who are already literate 21st c montessori so to speak)

Surveys of 5 yeAR olds have show wnat they find most fun - eg arts, musics - if someone has an edge at one of tehse expereintialo skills its trgaic not to have identified this and logged it up with parenst and next school

Although maths is the only subject i got aherad of the class on in 1950s i am not sure- it was to do with confidence, and seeing maths as puzzles (with a puzzle people cekbrate when you didscover the answer instead of marnking your efforts wrong)

Its good news tha basic financial literacy is already possible by age 9 thanks to the cuddiculum that srtarted at an indian orphanage and i8s now hubbed out of netherlands

Really important with playschools is make them as local as possible- no car pooling - ideally make each school closest to each 20 families with a kid 3 to 6- for example why dont mosr family aparments have a playschool- of course whats important is the teacher is independent of he apprtment iself- also you might look and see  if your place has any semi-retiring nurses - many might make good playscool leaders

What so we know about peimary?


Tuesday, February 1, 2022

While some people visited Cambridge's number 1 maths lab DAMPT to study black holes in space, I have been interested in unique purpose of leaders, organisations and networks on earth. I didnt see my father very often as he was chasing the most exciting stories linked to the scoop of meeting Von Neumann in Princeton 1951 and being told to ask decision makers what would they do with 100 times more tech a decade , a million times more a generation of 30 years. Strangely only one us president kennedy accepted that challenge moon race. I guess that made dad even more focused. 

By 1983 this tech scenario was easy to conceive (dad and my book 2025report, chapter 7) but scared the heck out of dad as the first 1180 years of Glasgow's machine 1760-1940 had led to him spending hiis last days as a teenager at war allied bomber command  burma campaign

 History does seem to sj=how that with new tech -there are those trying to connect good- thoise trying to connect fear and ofetn a far bigger group who are blind because the tech hides (or sunbconsciously diverts) the whole future truth

Anyway a billion poorest vailege women have linked the most purposeful colaborations I expect ever to see - 

Is there anything that you cant do as a partner of the most collaborative entreprebneur network bridging enviroinmental , societal and goverance challenges

tell us if you need more information or if you can help with associated pilot projcets such as

Neumann AI Hall of Famew 

or how can you help the younbger half of world be the fisrt sustainability generation

.How did Abed Collabs become world's most empowering
-he changed aid across former british empire (which hab stunted growth of majority of humans especiaally Asian women); while post war aid was well intended britain had bankrupted itself as last defemce agiamst hitler- so it could declare colonies independent but not change the rotten borders and top down sysatems it had compounded

changing aid started with finding the most trusted partners in solutions ro end starvation and end last mile deaths of infants and mothers- fortunately  or no cost solutions were searchable by abed who had been asia's leading young oil company engineer- the challenge was action learning networks - ironically because bangladesh had been colonised by pakistan after india the new nation's government was so poor that it could only reach the 10% who lived in the cities; so bangladesh women were freed by abed to map bottom up relief and human development - abed designed positive cash flow microfranchises wherever possible- where he sought a grant he aimed to find a partner who desperately wanted to solve the same problem - one quarter of all infants were dying in tropical villages of diarrhea- by showing the world's poorest village mothers could solve that UNICEF led by James Grant became the partner that helped design last mile health service which raised life expectancy by 20 years.  

..Abed as an engineered blueprinted deep data by hand in a way I have never seen others do manually - if you are going to chaange value chains from vailge bootom to top- you going to need to change hos value is governed witin metavilages, across all vilages, national market leaders, worldwide market (as he did for aid). Not everyone likes the idea that bottom up ESG needs to be connected across society's exchnages of food, health, sfateym education as well as finace and local  gov services. But then as we now knbow maths chaos theory is just about an amazon butterfly flappings its wings, its about cirsues like covid (or indeed abusing nature evolutionary rules on climate). If we cant design the most purspoefully colabration networking humans have ever united- we'll be the next dodo. Let's choose who we celebrate now our last chance faces us all