Friday, February 19, 2021

help us list brac microfranchising solutions by goal and by quarter of a century

sir fazle abed designed microfranchises so poorest village bangladesh women could end poverty from 1972- for 25 years all solutions were networked person to person becaise villages had no electricity grids and no phones; then when partners brought the new technologies additional microfranchises by goal were possible
have me missed something - rsvp

goal 3 para-health
village last mile health worker distributes door to door to 300 homes basics such as antiseptic, non-prescription medicines, ...she also has knowledge eg to help pregnant mothers if they need urgent support
(also as free life-critical actions oral rehydration and vaccinations)

also as part of community design - pit latrines
goal 2 - local food security
-improving village rice and vegetable production
-better rice and vegetable production were number 1 agricultural microfranchise for a decade- then brac strted to design an additional; 
over 1 million jobs by raising more productive chickens
goal 1 microfinance
ultra graduation from grant to microfranchise
goal 4 education -nb microfamchises above involved their own training processes

informal primary became world's largest non-gov schools system 
goal 3
ending tuberculosis
.wash program

goal 2 dairy production
goal 2 cold storage

goal 1 brac bank fpr small enterprises -eg in city for sons/daughters of villagers cashless banking including worlds best value remittances
goal 4 
pre-school/play school - winner of yidan prize
livelihood clubs- eg connected to libraries secondary studens ese

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