Thursday, February 18, 2021

 poorest billion womens economic model 

typical bangladesh village 300 one-room homes - total 1500 people eg farher, mother, 3 children

typical brac para- health servant - 300 homes

typical brac village circle - women sharing financial and other knowhow =30 

brac's resilient community lab built 1972 = 16000 homes ie cluster of 50 villages

by 2008 brac served about 65000 villages in bangladesh ie impacting 100 million people

brac's microfinance program may have served over a third of village mothers


->SAFETY/RESILIENT village communities - goal 1 finance to end poverty see also relationships abed and 2019 nobel economics prize- 

rct=randomised control trials

goal 2 end death by starvation -  see abed and world food prize (borlaug alumni network); goal 3 last mile health - see gates health prize and abed- together these form core of rural keynesianism models - see coverage of this economic miracle The Economist 1977

in village asia poverty was ended by village mothers who became village microfranchise /sme owners; demanded their savings were put into education and goal 4 and celebrated the societal revolution of women hold up half the shy -ie goal 5 gender equality; 

(resilient communities included building most basin monsoon proof homes; adding pit latrines; part of goal 6 sanitation- maximising info flows/preparedness for cyclones at community levels) 

1 lab for resilient community

16000 homes - 100000 people

1$ home with pit latrine

home monsoon proof- yard for cooking - 

community preparedness against cyclones etc  disaster man 1 2

legal support - particularly property rights to homes- 1) maximising ownership by mothers reversed culture of husband right to dismiss wife and children; most of rural bangladesh was simultaneously settled- informal evolved into formal oweneship provided suffiencent suppoort - brac barefoot lawyers

goal 3

last mile community health networkers- along with food security first scaled microfrancises late 1970s early 1980s

stock 10 most basic health products; eg antiseptic, bandages , condom; knowledge to help eg pregnant mothers .

.. later helped timetable nationwide vaccination campaigns, detect tuberculosis- bracs special program to end tb - attracted year 2000 atention of jimkim paul farmer bill gates and george soros

beginning in latre 197-0s, first time brac scaled beyond home region was direct knowledge of oral rehydration to every village mother - this attracted attention of both china barefoot medics and unicefs james grant - he became a worldwide networker of oral rehydration; asking how he could support abed, he was told convince national leaders of vaccination- grant stageds a challenge brac would vaccinate half the nation ; bangla gov would vaccinate other half; later when berac opened a university- its first world class college was james grant school of public health and one of the university's first governors was the epidemilogist and former vice chancellor of swarthmore

all other process - women empowered enterprises and educational movements

30 per finance circle

300 per last mile village health service

double loop change to dev investment

direct actions  ortherapy vaccination


7 financial solution networks

100 agriculture networks

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