Friday, September 18, 2020

 when a nation has zero affordable trusted public services , no livesmatter community spaces

people inside and outside the nation have a lot of urgent questions to ask- nobody i have ever met was more entrepreneurial and caring in valuing answers to the peoples questions than sir fazle abed

i found bangladesh 2017-2019 the most valuable country to visit -15 times- and see community building as well and small enterprise growth

- seven 5-point frameworks started to emerge mainly from people who had co-worked with fazle abed- he had linkedin partnerships from 3 of the empires- britain netherlands japan - historically most responsible for leaving bangladesh as the largest new nation in 1971 with next to nothing other than the 8th largest population in the world and a low lying river basin 

 everything starting up from scratch

7 wondrous networks on serving human development dedicated to fazle abed

1) five factor streaming of  17 human/sustainability dev goals 

the un's 17 sdgs translate into 5 exponential factors

f1=sdg1 end poverty gravitates 

f2=2-6 increasing productive  life expectancy 

f3=sdg7-12 connecting leaps ahead of old market value chains 

f4=sdg13-16 adapting climate 

fd5= uniting communities, nations as well aws human and natural webs

2) SHELF 5 markets village women need to medIate maximising the community's resiliency and space to nurture kids -SAFETY HEALTH EDUCATION LOVE-LEADERS FINANCE

reference fazle abed referred to paulo freire work on pedagogy of oppressed - the franciscan view of great leaders serve/live with the poorest and diagnose what systems need changing- this bootm up view applies to every life critical market - freire focused on the educational servant leader

3) VESTY =5 human lot advancement networks that emerged during the first 15 years of the united nations- much the most urgently relevant was 

V for village solutions eg the rice science to end starvation from alumni of borlaug or various heal solution's including that from east pakistan's cholera lab - oral rehydration

even if bangladeshi poorest village women had no immediate access to the other 4 solutions, every brac co-worker has an educational responsibility to train kids for a future when the nation is freed by access to these = they would be changing the world- and before fazle abed began 50 years on village poverty alleviation he had studied ship engineering at glagow university and risen through accounting and leadership skills to be regional ceo for the british-dutch multinational oil company shell- 

E is for new engineering most human solutions - see deming an american whose alumni  hubbed out of japan since late 1950s

S is for satellite and other advances in media- we wouldlt be able to do mobile leapfroging without hese solutions but as you can imagine they onlty came to be useful to bangladesh public services nearly 30 years after the nation started up

T- tech - the computing analysis power which those who strted silcon valley promise to multiply 100 fold every decade through 1970s tp 2020s

Y = youth- empowering them with a great goal to just do it- thats what JFK did in 1960s with moon race - ironically there are reports the 1960s world over that even the most isolated of peoples were chatting up the hope that soon no mission would be impossible- see eg rookie doctor larry brilliant- his first job was to accompany the pop stars wavy gravy- after a hard yeas tour their relaxation took them to remote afghan hills and their favorite consciousness guru - at that time americas moon race was multiplying hope everywhere

coming soon more frameworks-

5e's of microfranchising - effective efficient expandable electrifiable e

silicon valleys 5 computing g's

the 5 valuE multiplies of local to worldwide markeTing

the 5 markets UNITS needed to end middle income traps