Tuesday, July 23, 2019

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one of world 3 greatest economic miracles - how did bkash yunus and brac empower village women to build s asia out o0f bangladesh 1971 world's poorest & 8th most populated nationPhoto via @obamauni
likely macrae first Artificial Intel debate The Economist 1962 - his survey Japan rising brought home pocket calculator how'd schools change every child's calc replaces slide ruler -today tech trillion times faster stats than human -what data ask it app can save or destroy planet
history last half century those (mainly women) who loved children mobilised satellite commns & intel big data * livelihoods* sdg goals - 2/3 humans are Asians- they did not steal americans jobs- congress failing to celebrate moores law applied to 100 races round mother earth did
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BEYOND SPACE economistdiary.com 2020s =decade science fiction ceases to exist: anything humanly imaginable can be linkedin AI 5G - edu systems broken where fail youth exploration - gravity of all humansai.com debates 1950s john von neumann google.com/search?ei=ZRAz…

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