Monday, September 17, 2018

hello help needed before next fortnights debate on future of pro-youth education staged by brac and friends of jack ma

un starts 12th last year 018-019 on sustainability goals  clock -  informally experiments by western teachers still look passionate but non-scaleable?
jack ma announced education is the criis from yera 11 ie 2019-2020 he will move over to education as his main focus

Thursday, September 13, 2018

China plans bullet train to India through Bangladesh

Chinese Consul General in Kolkata Ma Zhanwu said his country was mooting a bullet train service between Kunming and Kolkata, traversing through Myanmar and Bangladesh.
With joint efforts of India and China, a high-speed rail link could be established between the two cities, Mr Zhanwu said at a conference, reports NDTV.
"It will only take a few hours to reach Kolkata from Kunming if the rail link becomes a reality," he asserted. The envoy also said that Myanmar and Bangladesh would benefit from the project.
"We may have a cluster of industries along the route. That increases the possibility of economic development of countries involved in the 2,800 km-long project," he maintained.
The project had also found mention at the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) meet in Kunming in 2015, he said.
The rail route was aimed at boosting trade flow in the Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar (BCIM) corridor, Mr Zhanwu said, adding that his country has been striving for the revival of Silk Route to increase connectivity from Kunming to Kolkata.
Asserting that the much-vaunted Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is not a scheme designed by China to conquer the world or its neighbourhood, Mr Zhanwu said the project is all about "shared benefits and development" through consultations and discussions.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

1944-1945 my father spent his last days as a teenager flying 1000 hours for RAF around myanmar- bangldesh- he spent the rest of hios working life telling positive stoiies of how east blends with west at The Economist and wherever people would read leaders esepcially thise playing with the Entrepreneurial Revokution of  4000 times more communications tech 2030 versus 1946

I dont know if this did any good- -have a look at www.normanmacrae,net or
linkin to mapping the last 10 years of sustainability games 

last hours of logbook - flight back to blimey-  burma to delhi to jodhpur to karachi to lg3 (iraq desert) to Lydda (Palestine) to El Adem (Libya) to Elms (Sardinia) to Membury (UK)

Saturday, September 1, 2018

cgtn china & bangla 7 india & myanmar

china launched belt road as worldwide collaboration in 2015 by first summit in beijing may 2017 over 65 national leaders partnering; next belt road summit beijing april 2019 - there are arts movements along belt road eg 1 and a lively chamber of commerce movement -whenever countries birders are newly bridged china tries to sustain youth celebrations though exchanges and where practical it hubs or special economic zones geared to sustainability interests and youth livelihoods - there are digital silk roads ....

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here are some highlights
2 months ago chinese foreign minister wang yi mentions bangladesh will be 9th country to use alipay as part of belt road collaboration

please see sidebar for videos
here are some highlights
2 months ago chinese foreign minister wang yi mentions bangladesh will be 9th country to use alipay as part of belt road collaboration

Myanmar can join the global transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, but could benefit more from China, which has been a leader in green and alternative energy technologies.
By adopting a wider definition of “green financing”, the belt and road recognises the importance of electricity in achieving sustainable development by acknowledging power generation as a central component.

Unlike Western institutions, China includes clean coal technology and funding for high-efficiency transport fuel production. This approach enables a country like Myanmar, with a large rural population, to create a sustainable development platform.
Applying first-world and Western-centric standards to financing would have probably meant that the Myitsone dam would not have received funding or potentially low-cost, high-efficiency coal-powered generation. Moreover, increased electrification will reduce the high rates of lung disease associated with wood-based energy sources used in Myanmar.
It makes sense for Myanmar and other developing countries to see the belt and road project as a sustainable development opportunity. Each country needs to play to its strengths and harness help to address shortcomings. In Myanmar’s case, these need to be articulated and reinforced in the upcoming memorandum of understanding discussions on the joint economic corridor.
Andre Wheeler is CEO of Asia-Pacific Connex, with more than 25 years’ experience in international business. He is working towards his doctorate on the impact of China’s Belt and Road Initiative on infrastructure and logistics in the Asean region