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Sir Fazle: Industrial era demanded women manage poverty so why not development. curricula of little sisternetworks: POP, Rice, Nursing, W4E- mobile leapfrogging, open elarning of curricula 7th grade first need to empower livelihoods and sustain community..Atlanta Nov 2015 will be our 8th year of linking volunteers around this search for Muhammad Yunus- will we make it ? Dunno - we could sure do with some help from educators who want their students to action yunus type dreams and be in the middle of serving post 2015 millennium goals -chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk washington DC 301 881 1655 - you can help us search for millennials job impact networks by hemisphere - eg here's our asia pacific progress - where over half of all millennials live

Friday, October 6, 2017

in 1996 bangladesh became the world's lab for text-mobile leapfroging models- this was made all the more exciting because the lead lab assistants were the world's poorest village women

today the world has 2 leapfroging roads  -

 -the highroad connected by all those who celebrate china's global 2.0 around such world record job creators as E1 Xi Jinping (Rejuvenation global2.0; world's most transparent maps on win-win trade for all)  E3 Jack Ma leapfrog tech (big data small), ecommerce curriculum as one of china's 4 greatest inventions 1 -IR4  can develop 10 times bigger people-centred economics)  E98 Gandhi & Montessori & Mandela,

the low cost road gravitated aound sir fazle abed
E2 Sir Fazle Abed (world's favorite educator eg empowered girls to resolve poverty's greatest chalnges, BRAC & Bkash) 

sir fazle abed graduated as a shipbuilding architect- this means he likes to map blueprints by hand; he wasnt the first to value mobile phones in the vilages- this idea came from the quadir brothers whihc they brought as a partbnership deal to muhamad yunus in 1996 with the mobile logistics operator telenor, their own coding wizardry, some donations from George Soros and other seed capital

Bangladesh had never instaleld fixed telephone lines acriss the nation - so mobile was a leapfrog model and putting poorest vilage mothers in the middle of assessing its innovations doubly so. In addition bringing mobiles to vilages without electricity caused yunus to consult the oracle on micro solar nevile wilaims- so banglades became the fiirst lab for scaling microsolar.  However Yunus loves innovating concepts not so much sustaining hi-tech wizards livelihoods. Moreover BRAC had far deeper and more diverse grassroots networks to connect. So quite soon the quadirs and yunus quarelled, and sir fazle became the trusted epictre for sustainable leapfroging models around text mobile - the most integrated of which can now be seen as www.bkash.com

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