Friday, December 30, 1983


2007- One of BRAC’s distinguishing features is its belief, and consequent investment in capacity development. To this end, BRAC has set up a university. It has graduate schools in public health, development studies, and governance studies. BRAC University works with many universities in the North, including Harvard, to improve its curriculum in terms of both the science and art. BRAC also works very closely with national governments to improve governance of the public sector. In fact, BRAC works with the government in implementing many of its programs. These include a focused effort on immunization, and the two serious problems of tuberculosis and malaria. BRAC believes in synergy, and thus works in partnership with other stakeholders, including the government, the private sector, and donors. BRAC trains government bureaucrats and doctors through short certificate courses and longterm master's programs. Dr. Gowher Rizvi helped BRAC design a master's degree program for the government civil servants. Finally, Mr. Abed will conclude by highlighting another of BRAC’s key distinguishing features—the fact that it finances its development programs. Of the (USD)$430 million annual budget in 2007, BRAC generated 70% of it from its own enterprises within the country.