Wednesday, December 30, 1981


We also have revived dying cultures in Bangladesh, dying particularly crafts & local art. We have set up a chain of marketing outlets in Bangladesh which is now becoming more than 90 million dollars programme with more than 70 million dollar revenue and we make what 10 million dollar profit out of this. It has created 300 000 jobs in the rural Bangladesh we have redesigned some of the crafts for kind of new life style people who can use products with a new design, with modern outlook, and most of the artisans who used to produce this artisanal products and craft products and now found a new market for their crafts as a result of which of course we have been able to get a large number of people employed, revenues coming out from these shops, art created jobs and it is not only now the most popular shopping chain in Bangladesh but also a must-visit for tourists who visit Bangladesh. What I want to say is that by the post 2015 agenda what we need is sustainable development and if it’s going to be sustainable then it must affect the culture itself so Sustainable Development means cultural change to an extend that it incorporates development itself and then It becomes sustainable